All About The Best Cordless Tools

Whether you are a professional crafts person or just a crazy weekend DIY enthusiast, the best cordless tools make doing any task so much simpler and easier. For this reason, the best cordless tools are definitely a must in any workshop.

Of all power tools, the most common one is the power drill, which comes in many types. They are great for fastening screws or bolts, and making holes in objects. They also come in various grips, piston grip, T handle and right angle. You can also get hammer drills which add a pounding action to the drilling, making them perfect for masonry work. Obviously, with power drills, voltage does play a big part and if you going to work on some heavy duty project, you may require a larger voltage for the increased power and torque.

Next of the best cordless tools, is the power saw, like this Reciprocating Saw found in a Makita Combos Kit. There are eight main types of power saws which are also available in cordless as well as regular, but I’m not going to speak about all of those because it would take up too much time. Instead, the basic understanding is that the greater the “teeth per inch” (TPI) on the power saw, the finer the cut on the object. Also, the higher the voltage of the power saw, or higher the amperage, the greater power that can be delivered from it.

A power router is a great tool next, and is used for grooving out specific areas in objects to ensure that it’s done evenly. Two important considerations for routers are the bit-shank diameter, because that determines the size of the blade that can be held in it, and of course the power of the piece of machinery is determined by the horsepower.

Finally, of the main types of power tools, you have sanders and grinders. Now to most people, initially, they seem to appear the same and people have an untrue assumption that they can do the same types of jobs. Rather, a sander is specifically used on wood and used to smooth out surfaces as well as take out small wood pieces. You can find sanders that are smaller and more suitable for smaller projects because they are more portable (palm sanders), and of course, sanders that are on the other side of the range, much larger and durable for bigger projects (orbit sanders). And grinders, on the other hand, don’t smooth out wooden surfaces like sanders do; instead they grind, cut and shape different types of materials, not just wood. You can purchase various types of grinders depending on the size and type of job you want to complete too.

Find The Best Cordless Tools

As you can see there is a wide range of power tools that you have the choice from depending on what sort of work you’re into, and what sorts of jobs you complete.  There are huge price ranges for each individual tool, and you should find out exactly what the best cordless tools are according to your specific required tasks. Make sure you buy from a reliable reseller, because it’s an investment in your hobby or work.

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