Table Saw Reviews and Types

All woodworkers know how important it is to buy the right table saw. It’s an investment and you need to
be sure of exactly what you’re looking for when shopping for one. For all the beginners out there, there
are 4 types of table saws available in most countries. You have the portable table saw, hybrid table saw,
contractor table saw and cabinet table saw. (Check out this great Bosch Table Saw 4100)

Portable Table  Saw

Firstly the portable saw is mainly used by tradesman who visit and work at a job site, so this usually
includes those such as carpenters. Due to the increased portability, this type of saw usually is much
smaller than one of the larger types, and has less “muscle” behind it. The motor is smaller, and so it
usually does less than a bigger saw, but still can get through the same basic jobs. Lately there have been
improvements made to these portable saws allowing them to perform bigger and better jobs but still
have the increased portability over a regular table saw.

Hybrid Table Saw

Then you have the hybrid table saws, which are basically a result of the contractor saws and the
professional cabinet saws put together. Manufacturers saw an opening in the market for those
hobbyists who wanted to get the professional finish of a cabinet saw without the big price tag. And so
you have the hybrid which contains all the great features of the cabinet saw but with a toned down

Contractor Table Saw

Next there’s the contractor table saw, which is quite straightforward. They’re affordable and don’t really
have anything special about them. Originally, they were created to be used as a portable saw and be
carried around from job site to job site, but that only lasted up until the creation of the portable table
saw. The contractor table saw still is effectively used in small shops, and they are lightweight and can be
moved around if needed. They’re pretty affordable too and are most commonly used by those hobbyists
who have a small home shop in the back shed, as they’re perfect for all those home touch up jobs or
small carpentry work.

Cabinet Table Saw

Finally you have the cabinet table saw, which is at the top of the list in price, and used pretty much only
by professional woodworkers. They are incredibly heavy and tough to lug around, so are just used in
larger shops and kept in a sole spot. They are also designed in a way to meet the durability needs and
performance needs of larger scale construction work. These really are more of investments for the long
term over anything, and if you’re a professional woodworker, then it’s an asset that will keep producing
more revenue for you in the future.

In conclusion, the type of saw you choose to purchase really does depend on what sort of woodwork
you do, your price ranges, and how much of space you have to put the table saw in. Only then should
you commit to the investment of a table saw for your shop. Check out our Table Saw Reviews to find the best table saw for your needs. For example, the Bosch Table Saw 4100 is a great table saw and features the one of a kind Smart Guard System.