Top Brands That Sell The Best Cordless Power Tools

There are many different brands that sell cordless power tools. With so many different brands and options it can be hard to choose the best cordless power tools for the job at hand. It would be nice to have an overview of what each brand stands for and a few of their pros and cons. You need not look any more! This article has great information on the leading cordless power tool brands.

Best Cordless Power Tools – Makita Brand

The Makita brand is one of the more well know brands that offer a wide variety of cordless power tools. They have been designing advanced motors for nearly 100 years. They claim that their offering of tools have more power, less weight and are more efficient. They design their tools to feel just right for the average tradesman to use. They perform numerous quality checks, they heat treat their shafts and gears, and they do some of the most rigorous tests in the industry.

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All of this is done to make sure that you receive the best quality, most efficient and powerful cordless tool possible. On Amazon, their tools are always receiving a high number of reviews and a 4-5 star rating. You can be assured that you are buying the best cordless power tools when you buy from Makita.

DeWalt Brand

DeWalt is another popular brand that is the current leader in contractor tools. DeWalt takes great pride in the fact that they communicate with their end users to make sure they are creating the best cordless power tools for them. They are a Fortune 500 company and have been ranked as one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies. They were formed in 1924 and currently offer over 200 power tools. They are best known for their lithium ion cordless tools.

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DeWalt’s offering of cordless power tools on Amazon are some of the highest rated by buyers in their industry.

Milwaukee Brand

Milwaukee is all about heavy duty power tools. They have been around since 1924 and have striven to maintain their commitment to quality all these years. They use state of the art technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure the best cordless power tools. They have offered many products first in the industry and have set the standard for quality for a long time now. They currently offer over 500 power tools and over 3500 accessories. Milwaukee’s V28 lithium ion cordless tool system was the first to offer a cordless tool with the lithium ion battery.

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Milwaukee’s cordless tools also have a very strong showing on Amazon. They consistently get 4-5 star reviews from their users and they also have a lot of reviews on their products. When a current customer is willing to leave his or her feedback, you know that is a good sign.

That wraps up our quick overview of the top brands in the Cordless Tools category. There are many other brands available. A few are; Porter-Cable, General Tools, Dremel, and Black and Decker. These are all great brands as well, and should be explored when you are considering buying the best cordless power tools.

Please visit our cordless tool reviews on this website and once you are ready to make a purchase, head over to Amazon for the best price available on the best cordless power tools.

What To Look For In An Air Compressor

Lots of people online are unsure of what to look for in an air compressor before purchasing. Firstly, with any air compressor, there must be a steady supply of compressed air to ensure the constant delivery of quality, because without a steady supply of the compressed air, the tool may not function as well as expected.

So before choosing your air compressor be sure that you know the capacity of its tank. Additionally, an air compressor with a greater motor and larger tank capacity means more power for your air tools.

Before deciding on which type of air compressor you should purchase, you need to determine exactly which air tools you’ll be using with it. This is because some air tools require a certain amount of pressure to function as specified, and if it’s provided with any less, it will not operate properly. So by planning your purchase of air compressor dependent on the tools you will be using it with, you can be assured that your purchase should not go to waste. One other tip is to always purchase to suit your most demanding air tool, this way you can operate all those less demanding as well.

There are two main types of air compressors, both used for different types of jobs.

Firstly you have the compact air compressor which is small and light weight, and does not contain a tank for the air. Instead it just takes in the air and applies the pressure, so it continues to run while taking in the air. Now because the compact air compressor doesn’t have a tank and is smaller, it cannot supply enough air to more of the larger tools so is not recommended for that use. Usually compact air compressors are used for small jobs such as paint guns, and glue guns.

The other type is the piston-type compressor, which uses a tank to store the compressed air. Basically it comes with a pump which pumps the compressed air into the tank so that it’s stored and ready to be used when required. If the air pressure drops below a certain point, then the air compressor will kick in and correct the pressure to the required level. Within the piston-type compressors, there are different stages of compression and differently levels of functionality respectively.

Another thing to look at when wanting to purchase an air compressor is to compare the CFM (cubic feet per minute) that the air compressor can provide with the required CFM of the tools you want to use it with.

Remember that for most people when they purchase an air compressor, it ends up just sitting in the garage and maybe after a few initial uses, it doesn’t get another workout again. So figure out if you’re going to use it for a long time or just once and then buy or rent accordingly. You can rent air compressors for a few days or weeks at cheaper rates than a big purchase, because at the end of the day an air compressor is an investment if you buy one.

Cordless Power Drills – Buyers Guide

Any craftsman or DIY hobbyist would realize how easy power tools can make doing jobs around the house or at sites. They allow you to complete regular tasks that would be simply tedious to do by hand. An example are the cordless power drills, which allows the user to drill through hard surfaces, such as wood or plastic, much easier than without. You can also use a power drill to help fix screws or bolts into an object, at a faster rate than by hand. Overall, a cordless power drills are a must have tool for anyone to have in their armory if they do handyman work.

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Obviously because they are so popular, you can find a power drill with many types of features, functions and shapes.  One of the types of power drills you will come across are hammer drills. They are common in masonry type of work, because the drill utilizes a hammering action onto the surface of intended drilling. This impacts on the hole created, and is usually used for those who need it depending on the types of surfaces they will be drilling into. You can also find an alternative to the hammer power drill, which is a rotary hammer drill. These are much more powerful and have an additional feature allowing the user to drill without the “hammering” action if wanting to.

Another type of power drill is a drill press, which is great for just creating different size, depth and angle holes in objects. You will also find that drill presses are classified into two types, floor drills and bench top drills. The floor drills are made to sit directly on the floor and drill through, and the bench top drills include a clamp that allows the machine to be attached to the bench for easier use.

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Batteries for Cordless Power Drills

You’ll also find cordless power drills, which make use of rechargeable batteries and allow for easier maneuver without the need for cords. When purchasing a cordless power drill though, you need to make sure that you know what type of battery it requires because the battery is considered to be a separate device (as there have been times in the past where a drill’s battery has stopped being created, so if you had an issue with the battery, you could be left with an unusable piece of machinery).

Now in terms of shapes, there are a few different types of cordless power drills. Firstly you have the T handle drills, which as the name suggests, are shaped in the form of a T. They are very popular nowadays and with the handle being in the center of the device, increases user stability. You also have the piston grip power drill, which, as the name suggests, is shaped like a piston, so this time the handle is at the back of the drill. Finally you have the right angle power drill which is mainly used in compact spaces because there is no barrel.

As you can see there are several things you should consider when buying cordless power drills, so be sure to determine your use, then go and buy accordingly.

All About The Best Cordless Tools

Whether you are a professional crafts person or just a crazy weekend DIY enthusiast, the best cordless tools make doing any task so much simpler and easier. For this reason, the best cordless tools are definitely a must in any workshop.

Of all power tools, the most common one is the power drill, which comes in many types. They are great for fastening screws or bolts, and making holes in objects. They also come in various grips, piston grip, T handle and right angle. You can also get hammer drills which add a pounding action to the drilling, making them perfect for masonry work. Obviously, with power drills, voltage does play a big part and if you going to work on some heavy duty project, you may require a larger voltage for the increased power and torque.

Next of the best cordless tools, is the power saw, like this Reciprocating Saw found in a Makita Combos Kit. There are eight main types of power saws which are also available in cordless as well as regular, but I’m not going to speak about all of those because it would take up too much time. Instead, the basic understanding is that the greater the “teeth per inch” (TPI) on the power saw, the finer the cut on the object. Also, the higher the voltage of the power saw, or higher the amperage, the greater power that can be delivered from it.

A power router is a great tool next, and is used for grooving out specific areas in objects to ensure that it’s done evenly. Two important considerations for routers are the bit-shank diameter, because that determines the size of the blade that can be held in it, and of course the power of the piece of machinery is determined by the horsepower.

Finally, of the main types of power tools, you have sanders and grinders. Now to most people, initially, they seem to appear the same and people have an untrue assumption that they can do the same types of jobs. Rather, a sander is specifically used on wood and used to smooth out surfaces as well as take out small wood pieces. You can find sanders that are smaller and more suitable for smaller projects because they are more portable (palm sanders), and of course, sanders that are on the other side of the range, much larger and durable for bigger projects (orbit sanders). And grinders, on the other hand, don’t smooth out wooden surfaces like sanders do; instead they grind, cut and shape different types of materials, not just wood. You can purchase various types of grinders depending on the size and type of job you want to complete too.

Find The Best Cordless Tools

As you can see there is a wide range of power tools that you have the choice from depending on what sort of work you’re into, and what sorts of jobs you complete.  There are huge price ranges for each individual tool, and you should find out exactly what the best cordless tools are according to your specific required tasks. Make sure you buy from a reliable reseller, because it’s an investment in your hobby or work.

For more help finding the best cordless tools, check out our reviews.

Buying a Cordless Drill Power Tools

Nowadays all home owners and even regular handymen will probably feel that they must own  cordless drill power tools, because cordless drills are become a necessary tool in any household or workshop. The tool does, however, come in various shapes, sizes and prices and it can be really tough to choose the right type for your needs. For example, check out this great DeWalt Drills 18v.

The first and most important thing you need to do is to figure out how you are going to be using your cordless drill power tool. There are some cordless drills that are light, and some that are much heavier, depending on what your intended job is. For people who are using cordless drills at job sites, you may think a lighter one would be the way to go, but if you are going to be working on some heavy drilling projects, then the heavier cordless drill might be a better choice.

The next thing you should do is figure out how much you want to spend. You can buy cordless drill power tools for anywhere between double figures and triple figures prices. Work out your budget, which would obviously depend on whether you’re a professional craftsman or just a home enthusiast.

Once you’ve got your price cap, write down any special features you may need in your cordless drill. You need to figure out if you’d be using it for “special jobs” which may require one that can work in tight spaces or do some heavy duty drilling. Then search for cordless drills accordingly, with greater power, or an easy-to-maneuver head.

Cordless Drill Power Tool Batteries

Now to one of the most frustrating things that most handymen find with their cordless drill power tool options, batteries and charging. Basically, there are cordless drills that come with various types of batteries that they take, to name two for example would be, Ni-Cd and Li-Ion. There are many more in between, as these two are nearly on the outer ranges. You don’t need to know too much about batteries other than the fact that if you’re looking for a tool with a long lasting battery life, Li-Ion is the way to go (that’s lithium ion for those who weren’t sure). Always remember though, that the batteries for cordless drills should be considered as a totally separate entity. Why? Because there has been situations in the past where people have purchased cordless drills only to find that the battery type they’ve “locked” themselves into buying, has become obsolete.  So it’s best to always consider a tool with a common battery to ensure you’re not left with an unusable piece of machinery.

That’s it! Always remember that you should make sure you purchase a drill you can afford, but always go for the highest quality one, don’t settle for something cheap because of price if the quality is low. Take the DeWalt drills 18v for example. But keep in mind you need to buy something you will also use. One last thing is that some cordless drills now come with a working LED light attached, so that could be something else you may want to look into if interested.

We hope this article helps you make the best buying decision when it comes to your Cordless Drill Power Tool needs! Please visit our various product reviews listed below!
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Table Saw Reviews and Types

All woodworkers know how important it is to buy the right table saw. It’s an investment and you need to
be sure of exactly what you’re looking for when shopping for one. For all the beginners out there, there
are 4 types of table saws available in most countries. You have the portable table saw, hybrid table saw,
contractor table saw and cabinet table saw. (Check out this great Bosch Table Saw 4100)

Portable Table  Saw

Firstly the portable saw is mainly used by tradesman who visit and work at a job site, so this usually
includes those such as carpenters. Due to the increased portability, this type of saw usually is much
smaller than one of the larger types, and has less “muscle” behind it. The motor is smaller, and so it
usually does less than a bigger saw, but still can get through the same basic jobs. Lately there have been
improvements made to these portable saws allowing them to perform bigger and better jobs but still
have the increased portability over a regular table saw.

Hybrid Table Saw

Then you have the hybrid table saws, which are basically a result of the contractor saws and the
professional cabinet saws put together. Manufacturers saw an opening in the market for those
hobbyists who wanted to get the professional finish of a cabinet saw without the big price tag. And so
you have the hybrid which contains all the great features of the cabinet saw but with a toned down

Contractor Table Saw

Next there’s the contractor table saw, which is quite straightforward. They’re affordable and don’t really
have anything special about them. Originally, they were created to be used as a portable saw and be
carried around from job site to job site, but that only lasted up until the creation of the portable table
saw. The contractor table saw still is effectively used in small shops, and they are lightweight and can be
moved around if needed. They’re pretty affordable too and are most commonly used by those hobbyists
who have a small home shop in the back shed, as they’re perfect for all those home touch up jobs or
small carpentry work.

Cabinet Table Saw

Finally you have the cabinet table saw, which is at the top of the list in price, and used pretty much only
by professional woodworkers. They are incredibly heavy and tough to lug around, so are just used in
larger shops and kept in a sole spot. They are also designed in a way to meet the durability needs and
performance needs of larger scale construction work. These really are more of investments for the long
term over anything, and if you’re a professional woodworker, then it’s an asset that will keep producing
more revenue for you in the future.

In conclusion, the type of saw you choose to purchase really does depend on what sort of woodwork
you do, your price ranges, and how much of space you have to put the table saw in. Only then should
you commit to the investment of a table saw for your shop. Check out our Table Saw Reviews to find the best table saw for your needs. For example, the Bosch Table Saw 4100 is a great table saw and features the one of a kind Smart Guard System.

Buying Cordless Tool Combo Kits

All those handymen out there will know what I mean when I say that finding the right tools are hard.
You need something that’s not only easy to use but also not frustrating to use when all you want to
do is just get the job done. This is where cordless tools combo kits come in, they are perfect for any
tradesman who’s looking for something simple that will get in and complete the job nice and efficiently.

Save Money!

Not only that, but using cordless tools combo kits saves you money, and that’s one of the biggest
advantages to using it. How does it save you money? Well if you buy one of the most common types of
cordless tools combo kits which include tools that all share the same type of charger and/or batteries,
you will not need to waste excess cash on batteries only to find that most of the time they are not being

Share Chargers

Also if you purchase one of the cordless tools combo kits which have tools that share the same charger,
it simply becomes much easier for you to use. There’s no need to swap and change chargers around, as
you have one universal one for all your tools, making things so much easier.

If you’re also willing to put up with some heavier cordless tools combo kits which use Ni-Cd batteries,
you can get some really good construction project tools for low prices. Some of these are in the
Craftsman range.

For some, the heavier tools aren’t their cup of tea, so for you guys out there, the Li-Ion battery cordless
tools combo kits are the ones to buy. They are lighter in weight and are easier to maneuver, plus Hitachi
have some nice combo kits that come with up to 10 years warranty.

Lots of Choices

If you’re looking to buy a combo kit which has a bias towards a particular type of tool, you can do that as
well. Not all kits come with the same specifications of tools, and you can actually purchase Makita Sets of Cordless Tools which give you an edge in performance when using a circular saw.

Overall though, if you haven’t already figured it out, cordless Makita Sets are great for any
handyman. If you’re one, you’ll know that it’s best to use something that is simple but at the same time
also efficient and effective at getting the job done. Most importantly though, you want the job to be
done properly. You’ll never have an issue doing a job if you use a quality combo kit, instead you’ll find
that things have become much easier. Tools can be moved around more quickly; batteries don’t have to
be replaced as often from individual tools, and can just be plugged straight into one universal charger as
stated above for all the tools in the kit. Additionally, if you’re a fan of light weight tools, you can still get
combo kits that fit your preferred style.