Buying Cordless Tool Combo Kits

All those handymen out there will know what I mean when I say that finding the right tools are hard.
You need something that’s not only easy to use but also not frustrating to use when all you want to
do is just get the job done. This is where cordless tools combo kits come in, they are perfect for any
tradesman who’s looking for something simple that will get in and complete the job nice and efficiently.

Save Money!

Not only that, but using cordless tools combo kits saves you money, and that’s one of the biggest
advantages to using it. How does it save you money? Well if you buy one of the most common types of
cordless tools combo kits which include tools that all share the same type of charger and/or batteries,
you will not need to waste excess cash on batteries only to find that most of the time they are not being

Share Chargers

Also if you purchase one of the cordless tools combo kits which have tools that share the same charger,
it simply becomes much easier for you to use. There’s no need to swap and change chargers around, as
you have one universal one for all your tools, making things so much easier.

If you’re also willing to put up with some heavier cordless tools combo kits which use Ni-Cd batteries,
you can get some really good construction project tools for low prices. Some of these are in the
Craftsman range.

For some, the heavier tools aren’t their cup of tea, so for you guys out there, the Li-Ion battery cordless
tools combo kits are the ones to buy. They are lighter in weight and are easier to maneuver, plus Hitachi
have some nice combo kits that come with up to 10 years warranty.

Lots of Choices

If you’re looking to buy a combo kit which has a bias towards a particular type of tool, you can do that as
well. Not all kits come with the same specifications of tools, and you can actually purchase Makita Sets of Cordless Tools which give you an edge in performance when using a circular saw.

Overall though, if you haven’t already figured it out, cordless Makita Sets are great for any
handyman. If you’re one, you’ll know that it’s best to use something that is simple but at the same time
also efficient and effective at getting the job done. Most importantly though, you want the job to be
done properly. You’ll never have an issue doing a job if you use a quality combo kit, instead you’ll find
that things have become much easier. Tools can be moved around more quickly; batteries don’t have to
be replaced as often from individual tools, and can just be plugged straight into one universal charger as
stated above for all the tools in the kit. Additionally, if you’re a fan of light weight tools, you can still get
combo kits that fit your preferred style.

Makita Drills Combo Kit

Makita Drills

Makita Drills Kit Quick Review Details

If you are a pro-user and know the meaning of good value, then you are probably already using the Makita brand tools. Save some serious money by purchasing the Makita Drills Combo Kit. This 6 piece kit delivers tools to get the job done!

This combo kit comes with; ½” Hammer Driver-Drill, 6 ½” Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw, Impact Driver, 4 ½” Cut-off/Angle Driver, and a Flashlight. It also includes 2 18v LXT batteries, a Rapid Optimum Charger, and a Contractor Bag with wheels and telescoping handle. Everything a true PRO needs to get the job done!

Of course, every Makita Lithium-Ion tool is backed by a Makita 3 Year Warranty. This covers repairs that are due to defects in material or workmanship for up to 3 years from the date of your original purchase. The batteries and charger have a limited 1 year warranty.


The Makita Drills Combo Kit is great for; drilling, driving, fastening, cutting, grinding, demolition, and much more!

Check out the actual user reviews below and get some details on each product. Once you are ready to buy, CLICK HERE to go to the #1 source for Makita products.

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What Others Are Saying About The Makita Drills Combo Kit

Overall User Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 Stars
Positive Reviews: 124
Negative Reviews: 10

Read More Reviews at the Makita Drills Combo Kit Page.

“The tools are great though and can be recommended to everyone who is serious about wood work etc.”

“I work side by side with others using DeWalt cordless tools, and they just can’t keep up. Battery life, tool design, and overall performance of the Makita product outshines DeWalt everyday…Don’t waste your money on anything else. Period.”

“I purchased this as a gift for my dad who’s a huge DIY guy. Makita has always had a great reputation and the product has stood up to that reputation. He’s very satisfied with the drill and has been using it on a regular basis”

“These tools will make up 90% of my power tool needs and I use them a lot. I got the deal to get the extra tool and got the right angle drill which also has a light.”

“I have bought 2 of these now, and think they are wonderful sets, both for value and how they perform. No complaints from this department.”

“It’s hard to beat a top of the line Makita product and this drill set qualifies for that category. Good service on amazons part also.”

“I have used Makita for five years and would not replace it for anything. It has everything that a professional glazier needs.”

“Another great thing about this combo is the number of additional “bare bones” tools you can purchase that use the same battery pack. Makita has a long-term commitment to this battery and its mount, which is evident in their tool lineup.”


Makita Drills Combo Kit Details

Below are the products that are included in the Makita Drills Combo Kit. You can also click on the MORE DETAILS link to view additional details.

Makita BHP452Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2-Inch Hammer Driver-Drill – MORE DETAILS
Makita Cordless Combo Kit 1/2" Hammer Driver-Drill






Makita BSS611Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw MORE DETAILS
Makita Cordless Combo Kit Circular Saw






Makita BJR182Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw – MORE DETAILS
Makita Cordless Combo Kit Reciprocating Saw






Makita BTD141Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver – MORE DETAILS
Makita Cordless Combo Kit Impact Driver






Makita BGA452Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 4-1/2-Inch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder MORE DETAILS
Makita Cordless Combo Kit Cut-Off / Angle Grinder






Makita BML185 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Flashlight – MORE DETAILS
Makita Cordless Combo Kit Flashlight






2 Makita 18v LXT Batteries
Makita Cordless Combo Kit 2 18v LXT Batteries






Makita Rapid Optimum Charger
Makita Cordless Combo Kit Rapid Optimum Charger






Makita Contractor Bag
Makita Cordless Combo Kit Contractor Bag






If you buy the Makita Drills Combo Kit on Amazon, you will save $732.01 over the list price! It’s a great deal and you can change the combo kit around if you do not need every tool included.


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