Cordless Power Drills – Buyers Guide

Any craftsman or DIY hobbyist would realize how easy power tools can make doing jobs around the house or at sites. They allow you to complete regular tasks that would be simply tedious to do by hand. An example are the cordless power drills, which allows the user to drill through hard surfaces, such as wood or plastic, much easier than without. You can also use a power drill to help fix screws or bolts into an object, at a faster rate than by hand. Overall, a cordless power drills are a must have tool for anyone to have in their armory if they do handyman work.

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Obviously because they are so popular, you can find a power drill with many types of features, functions and shapes.  One of the types of power drills you will come across are hammer drills. They are common in masonry type of work, because the drill utilizes a hammering action onto the surface of intended drilling. This impacts on the hole created, and is usually used for those who need it depending on the types of surfaces they will be drilling into. You can also find an alternative to the hammer power drill, which is a rotary hammer drill. These are much more powerful and have an additional feature allowing the user to drill without the “hammering” action if wanting to.

Another type of power drill is a drill press, which is great for just creating different size, depth and angle holes in objects. You will also find that drill presses are classified into two types, floor drills and bench top drills. The floor drills are made to sit directly on the floor and drill through, and the bench top drills include a clamp that allows the machine to be attached to the bench for easier use.

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Batteries for Cordless Power Drills

You’ll also find cordless power drills, which make use of rechargeable batteries and allow for easier maneuver without the need for cords. When purchasing a cordless power drill though, you need to make sure that you know what type of battery it requires because the battery is considered to be a separate device (as there have been times in the past where a drill’s battery has stopped being created, so if you had an issue with the battery, you could be left with an unusable piece of machinery).

Now in terms of shapes, there are a few different types of cordless power drills. Firstly you have the T handle drills, which as the name suggests, are shaped in the form of a T. They are very popular nowadays and with the handle being in the center of the device, increases user stability. You also have the piston grip power drill, which, as the name suggests, is shaped like a piston, so this time the handle is at the back of the drill. Finally you have the right angle power drill which is mainly used in compact spaces because there is no barrel.

As you can see there are several things you should consider when buying cordless power drills, so be sure to determine your use, then go and buy accordingly.

DeWalt Combo Kit

DeWalt Cordless Tools

If you are in the market for a high quality set of cordless tools, then save some money ($327.51 to be exact!) and time by investing in the DeWalt Combo Kit. This all-in-one combo kit absolutely everything you need for an assortment of jobs, ranging from; home improvement, heavy construction, deck building, demolition work, house framing, and renovation projects.







The DeWalt Combo Kit comes includes 4 INDISPENSABLE Tools;

  • ½ inch Drill/Driver with an impressive 410 unit watts out of max power – Features a compact and portable design. Keyless Chuck. Variable speed reversing motor and clutch for precise screw driving.


  • DW936 18-volt Trim Circular Saw with a 16 tooth carbide blade and rip fence – Provides super fast performance. Can cut a 2×4 in one pass. BIG on performance!


  • DW938 Cordless Reciprocating Saw – Effortless changes with the key-free blade clamp.Can cut through asphalt roof shingles, nail embedded wood, plastic pipe, vinyl and fiberglass windows and sheet metal. Features vibration-dampening rubber grips.


  • DW908 18-volt Flashlight – Shine the light where you need it with a rotating head! Works great in closets, attics, under porches and decks, and any crawl space.


  • High Durability Kit Box – Provides easy storage and maximum portability.


  • ALSO INCLUDES – two 18-Volt batteries, 1-hr charger, 16-tooth carbide tipped trim saw blade, circular saw rip fence.

This impressive set of DeWalt Combo Kit is backed by a  90-day money back guarantee, full one year service contract and a 3 year limited warranty.

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What Others Are Saying About the DeWalt Combo Kits

Overall User Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 Stars
Positive Reviews: 3
Negative Reviews: 0
Read More Reviews at the DeWalt Combo Kit Page on Amazon

“Cordless drill is excellent. Battery life seems very good. The circular saw works well too. It will use a battery pretty fast compared to the drill. It was nice that this set has two batteries included.”

“I bought this set when I moved into my house. I decided it was time to get a good set of tools for work around the house. This set has proven to have been a good investment time and time again.I bought this set when I moved into my house. I decided it was time to get a good set of tools for work around the house. This set has proven to have been a good investment time and time again.”

“The drill is really the must have item in this set- it has enough power for just about anything you can throw at it with the 18 volt batteries. Additionally, the fact that the set comes with two batters is also a winner in my book- I can use the light and the drill at once, which is great when you are working under the sink or other dark tight spaces.”

“Overall- good set, I recommend it for anyone that has a lot of projects around the house!”

“This is a very impressive tool kit. I was a little worried about the power for larger applications but rest assured it is there. Excellent buy and I would recommend to everyone.”

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DeWalt Combo Kit Details

DC720 18-volt 1/2-inch compact drill/driver
DeWalt Cordless Tools Driver/Drill






DW938 18-volt cordless reciprocating saw with keyless blade clamp

DW936 18-volt trim saw

DW908 18-volt pivoting head flashlight
DeWalt Cordless Tools Flashlight






ALSO… Two 18-Volt batteries, 1-hr charger, 16-tooth carbide tipped trim saw blade, circular saw rip fence and kit box

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If you buy the DeWalt  Combo Kits on Amazon you will save $327.51 over the list price! Don’t pass up this great deal!

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Milwaukee Combo Kits

Milwaukee Combo KitsMilwaukee Combo Kits Quick Review

Milwaukee Tools as is all about manufacturing the best heavy-duty, portable electric power tools and accessories for professional users. Since 1924 they have been creating the highest quality, durable and reliable professional tools money can buy.

The Milwaukee Combo Kits found on our site are reflective of the best, high quality products Milwaukee offers, in an affordable package offered on

If you are looking for a great Impact Driver and Hammer Drill/Driver, then this Milwaukee combo kit is perfect for you! It includes the ½” Hammerdrill/Driver, an Impact Driver with ¼” hex, storage case, charger and 2 batteries. The M18 cordless system features a Lithium Ion battery and an innovative motor design. This Milwaukee Combo Kits will provide you with the most efficient blend of power, weight and performance in the industry.

I know that when I am looking for a new power tool, I always make sure my choice has the Lithium Ion battery. They last longer and hold a better charge than the Ni-Cd, or the NiMH batteries, and they reduce the tools weight.

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What Others Are Saying About The Milwaukee Combo Kits

Overall User Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 Stars
Positive Reviews: 15
Negative Reviews: 2

Read More Reviews at the Milwaukee Combo Kits page at

“Good tools. Powerful and long lasting.”

“Despite being the “compact” model the hammer drill is great for doing concrete anchors.”

“Very pleased with this combo. I already have several Milwaukee tools but the extra batteries and charger will come in handy.”

“I am 110% satisfied with this tools performance and price. I have had experience with other tools and the 1/2 batteries as not very convenient.”

“This tool kit was exactly as described. It arrived well ahead of the scheduled date. Not much use yet, but waiting for the next project to come along. Yes I would definitely purchase from “Tool King” again.”

“As always milwaukee well known for performing great and this product is just what i knew it would be. Great for construction hvac, perfect no problems so far. And as always got it on time no complaints there.”

“Having not used a impact driver before, I was in for a real surprise! This tool makes it much easier to drive screws! Not as much force is needed and your bits will last much longer. I love the LED light on both tools also. Lightweight and a joy to use! Best Christmas gift I ever bought myself!”

“This is a great set if you in the market for 1, I would recommend it to all. The impact driver is amazingly strong could strip a screw head easy, for the drill it got plenty of power to tackle any jobs.”


Milwaukee Combo Kits Details

Below are the products that are included in the Milwaukee Combo Kits. Be sure to visit the Amazon page for more details.

Milwaukee 2602-22 M18 18-Volt Cordless 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill/Drive
Milwaukee Combo Kits Impact Drill






Milwaukee 2650-20 M18 18-Volt Impact Driver
Milwaukee Combo Kits Impact DriverMilwaukee Combo Kits Impact Driver 2






If you buy the Milwaukee Combo Kits on Amazon, you will save $367,01 off the list price! This is too good of a deal to pass up!

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DeWalt Drills 18v

DeWalt DCD760klDeWalt Drills 18v Quick Revew Details

There are many things that make the DeWalt drills 18v stand out above the rest of the drills available in the market today. It’s powered by Lithium-Ion batteries for long lasting, always reliable performance. This means it is not weighted down by nicad packs! Having a lightweight design allows for comfortable handling on the jobsite or in the shop. It features dual speed range which provide versatility and control, and LED work light for better visibility in low light conditions and tight spaces. With the DeWalt Drills 18v Cordless you receive a limited three-year warranty, 90 day money back guarantee, 1 year free service contract and 2 year free service contract on the batteries.

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What others are saying about the DeWalt Drills 18v Cordless Drill

Overall User Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 Stars
Positive Reviews: 29
Negative Reviews: 4

Read More Reviews at the DeWalt Drills 18v Amazon Page.

“Buy this drill if you want the most powerful 18 volt drill around.”

“I was looking forward to trying this drill/driver out. I wasn’t disappointed. I enjoy the light weight for a 18v drill/driver. The battery last a long time. Though I didn’t know that Li-Ion batteries just stopped turning the drill instead of slowing down like a Ni-Cad battery does. This was my first Li-Ion drill. However, it doesn’t cause a problem, just pop the other battery in and keep going”

“Our crews use a lot of different makes of cordless drills and when they need one from the shop they used to grab one of the Makitas but now their first choice is the DeWalt drills 18v. The DeWalt deliver a lot more power over a longer period of time. Part of this is their having the biggest (and heaviest) lithium ion battery and part of it is the 3 speed gearbox”

“A great drill,small and lightweight,perfect for the DIY or a pro.”

“I went to a local store and I did see this drill cheaper there. The only problem with that is, it didn’t have any batteries or a charger. The batteries could cost up to $100 a piece and the charger was between $50 and $75. This price on here (Amazon) is the deal of the century.”

“The torque from the drill is what I was missing when I was putting up cabinets in the laundry room. The design of being small and compact with the multiple torque settings and levels of torque have been what I expected when buying this product. The chuck grip is very good about not slipping, this was one of my concerns with my last drill (introductory craftsman drill). Also noticed the light weight design made definitely reduced the fatigue. Definitely recommend the DeWalt Drills 18v Cordless Drill/Driver.”

“Like all if my DeWalt tools, this cordless drill is a winner right out of the box. It is powerful and the chuck has positive grip. I particularly like the LED task light. This not my first DeWalt tool nor will it be my last. Amazon’s delivery right on time as advertised.”

DeWalt DCD760kl Specifications

Voltage 18V
Max Power 350UWO
# of Speed Settings 2
Max rpm 0-500/0-1700
Clutch Settings 17
Chuck Size 1/2″
Chuck Type Plastic, ratcheting
Tool Weight 4.0lbs
No Load Speed rpm
Shipping Weight 9.750lbs

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Additional DeWalt Drills 18v Images

DeWalt DCD760kl Power DrillDeWalt DCD760kl ReviewDeWalt DCD760kl Power Drill ReviewDeWalt DCD760kl Reviews







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